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June 12, 2008


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Carl the cave dweller

I often wonder if wealth is a side effect of bad taste of the other way round. Either way Katie Holmes look terrible.

The blue heels on their own are nice, she could no doubt find a great outfit to wear with them. The dress likewise, but that hairdo in combination with the dress and the shoes just makes her look completely ridiculous. Frankly if I saw anyone dressed like that at any event or gala I'd probably fall to the floor sniggering.

gina's weight watcher recipes

LOL, I would never wear orange with blue! But, she is still a beauty.


I can tell you with certainty that bad taste is not a side effect of wealth. It's usually the newly wealthy, like actors, who have the biggest issue with it.
And, yeah, she looks altogether hideous. And matronly. The color of the dress makes her skin look jaundiced (she should be wearing cool colors), and the shoes are horrible with the dress! Ack! :(

Gina, apparently someone convinced her that wearing complimentaries is good, except they forgot to tell her HOW to wear them, lol! She is normally pretty, but in that pic, she looks like a cross between a benevolent witch or a woman who is clueless.
She only needs the pumpkin!


It's simple. Celebrities have no REAL friends. Real friends wouldn't let you walk out looking the victim.


That's very true, Grandy. But, sometimes FV's also have friends who have no common sense or taste,lol. :)


totally agree with you on this one, blogged about this dress as well. i just don;t get it.

and what's up with those shoes? hehe


Ow! My eyes! Katie is not rocking this look. I think Tom picked out the pointy blue shoes. In fact, I think he's there under her dress from the way she's standing. Boo hooooo.


@ Vannie....OMG, those shoes with that dress are so horrible! :)

@ Vivienne.....LMAO at the comment about Tommy boy being under the dress! :)

I'm starting to view her as a Stepford wife!


I think that actors and other celebrities fall prey to fashion victim because they're *given* their dresses or garb by the fashion designers and with assurance it'll be the next hot thing.

Couple that with...

And they mistakenly think their status is above any reproach for fashion offenses.

That's my theory.


Samsara, I would agree with you but for two things.
1. They are only given clothing for special events, in most cases. And they frequently are given a choice.
2. They have the money to buy their own dresses........nothing would compel me, were I a celebrity, to wear something like you see on Katie Holmes, lol.
In fact, I would not wear that outfit even now, even if it were free. :)

New Found Lust

Did Tom Cruise choose this outfit for her too?

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